Regional Information


UNGASS Women 2016: Australia

Australia has several harm reduction and harm minimization programs in place, including safe injection sites and needle exchange and methadone programs; however, it has also pursued several punitive policies focused on arrests and incarceration...  Read more

UNGASS Women 2016: Latin America

Latin American prison populations have swelled over the last thirty years, largely due to punitive drug laws punishing low-level offences with long sentences of incarceration. The impact on women has been devastating: the Latin American female prison population... Read more

UNGASS Women 2016: North Africa

North Africa is one of the primary sources of drugs trafficked to and sold in Europe, especially cannabis resin. Drug laws in the region are harsh and services for people who use drugs are scarce.... Read more

UNGASS Women 2016: South & West Asia

Drug-related offences are severely penalized in South and West Asian countries, and the death penalty for drug-related offences is upheld in most of the region. Refugees escaping conflict zones, particularly in Iraq and Syria, are vulnerable to developing... Read more

UNGASS Women 2016: Sub-Saharan Africa

Research on the impact of drug policies in Africa – and especially their impact on women – is scarce. While drug use, cultivation and trafficking are prevalent in most African countries and punitive drug laws aimed at reducing supply are enforced... Read more

Additional regional briefs will be available soon.